Spring Fellowship

April 24 – 26, 2020

Camp Strake
Hines Lake Rd
Coldspring, TX 77331

Spring Fellowship is a weekend event for Arrowmen.

The event starts with a Friday night opening show followed by fun field activities and a whole playlist of music! On Saturday, participants will enjoy an amazing breakfast prepared by the Colonneh Lodge cook-team. The afternoon will be full of games and activities such as archery, tomahawk throwing, knife throwing, angry raven, volleyball, gaga ball, plus many more activities. Stop by the Colonneh Café for a smoked turkey leg or a funnel cake. After the Saturday evening show, participants can enjoy the chapter palooza and the infamous OA bash. It will be an incredible weekend of learning and fun.


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Feedback       2019 Program Guide (schedule/map)


Before 4/22/2019
After 4/23/2019
Full weekend fee $35 $50
Golden Ticket Holder $0 $15
Saturday only with food (8am-10pm) $30 $45
Saturday only without food (8am-10pm) $20 $20


Registration opens in February


Activities and Program


Throughout the weekend, there will be a wide variety of games for everyone to enjoy. Take on friends in a game of volleyball or gaga ball. Try out some awesome games like Jacob’s Ladder, Sporting Arrows, Knife Throwing plus many others.


Spring Fellowship will kick off with a Friday evening show. Find out who’s who, where’s where, and get a preview of the weekend’s activities! Saturday evening, the main show will be a time for fun and laughs and present awards.

Saturday Evening Activities

              • Jacob’s Ladder
• Throwing Knives
• Throwing Stars
• Archery
• Shotgun
• Rifle
• Climbing Tower
• Dodgeball
• Tomahawks
• Slip n’ Slide
• Hockey Flag
• Football
• Darts
• Angry Ravens
• Caber Toss
• Board Game Station
• Video Games
• King of the Log


Scouts and Scouters can choose from a variety of training classes taught by knowledgable trainers. The classes are designed to be short sessions with a wide variety of training styles, and designed for the Scouts and Scouters of today!

Training Schedule

Trading Post

Colonneh Lodge’s trading post is top-of-the-line, offering Order of the Arrow merchandise at affordable prices. Stop by to pick up your limited-edition patch sets, belt buckles, shirts, OA gear, and so much more.

The trading post will be open Saturday from at 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. It will re-open after the Saturday evening show and stay open to 11:00 pm.

Colonneh Café

Stop by the Colonneh Café for some delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and much more. During the Renaissance Festival, the Colonneh Café will offer smoked turkey legs and funnel cakes to satisfy your medieval hunger. All proceeds from Colonneh Café will be donated towards a special projects fund for the lodge.

The Colonneh Café will be open Friday from 6:00 to 11:00 pm and Saturday from 2:00 to 6:00 pm.

Chapter Palooza

Chapter palooza is time for Scouts and Arrowmen to meet, participate in fellowship, and see the fun activities chapters have to offer. Chapter palooza will take place from 7:30 - 9:00 pm Saturday evening.

Lodge Executive Committee 

The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) is composed of the lodge chief, lodge vice chief, chapter chiefs, and lodge advisers. This LEC committee meets several times a year to facilitate the business matters of Colonneh Lodge. The LEC will meet on Sunday. All lodge officers and chapter chiefs (or designee) and their advisers are required to attend the LEC; however, all Arrowmen are welcome and encouraged to attend this important planning and business meeting. 

Interfaith Service

An interfaith service will be conducted for all participants on Sunday morning. An interfaith service is a brief worship or meditation, specifically designed for Scouting events where there may be members of more than one faith group. The intention of an interfaith service is to provide a spiritual focus during a camping experience that does not reflect the views of a particular denomination or faith. An interfaith service can be defined as a gathering of Scouts held to contribute to the development of their spirituality and to promote a fuller understanding of the Scout Oath and Law, with emphasis on one’s Duty to God.


After six months of service as an Ordeal member and after fulfilling certain requirements, a member may take part in the Brotherhood ceremony, which places further emphasis on the ideals of Scouting and the Order. Completion of this ceremony signifies full membership in the Order of the Arrow.  Brotherhood is an opportunity for members to evaluate their past service to Scouting (camping and unit involvement) and to their lodge, and to reaffirm their belief in the high purposes of the Order. All eligible members are encouraged to participate in the Brotherhood Walk and Ceremony on Saturday afternoon. See the schedule for the specific time. There is no charge for the Brotherhood Walk or Ceremony.

Learn More about Brotherhood

American Indian Activities

A favorite activity at Spring Fellowship is the Indian Village. The American Indian Activities committee members hold exciting, hands-on classes and sessions throughout the day. This is a great opportunity to learn how to drum, sing or dance. See an amazing exhibition of some of the best singers and dancers in the nation at the Pow Wow dance in the evening!

Ceremony Competitions

Chapters should place special emphasis on the performance of their ceremonies to make a great first impression with the candidates. This is the place for you to show off what your chapter has to offer and compete against other chapters in the lodge! 

First Class Emphasis (FCE)

During Saturday morning, Scouts in troops can go through the FCE stations to learn the skills needed to attain most of the requirements for Scout rank through First Class. Over 50 rank advancements skills for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks will be offered.

Several stations will focus on rank requirements for Venturing and Sea Scouts.

In addition to the large selection of rank requirement stations, the Totin’ Chip and Firem’n Chit will also be taught.

And Much More….

A detailed program with all the exciting details will be posted a few days before the event and distributed at check-in.


Notice! Please be advised that promotional videotaping/photography may be in progress at any time at an event. Your entrance constitutes your agreement that Colonneh Lodge has the right to reproduce your likeness in videography/photography for promotion (e.g., publications, internet, newspaper).

Scouting Safely

Safety is Your Responsibility posterThe BSA's Commitment to Safety is ongoing and we want you to know that the safety of our youth, volunteers, staff, and employees cannot be compromised. The Boy Scouts of America puts the utmost importance on the safe and healthy environments for its youth membership. The Sam Houston Area Council takes great strides to ensure the safety of its youth as well as the adult volunteer leadership that interacts with them. 

BSA Guide to Safe Scouting policies must be followed. All participants must follow Youth Protection Guidelines at all Scouting events. Highlights include:

  • Two-deep leadership on all outings required.
  • One-on-one contact between adults and youth members is prohibited.
  • The buddy system should be used at all times.
  • Discipline must be constructive.

Health and safety must be integrated into everything we do, to the point that no injuries are acceptable beyond those that are readily treatable by Scout-rendered first aid. As an aid in the continuing effort to protect participants in a Scout activity, the BSA National Health and Safety Committee and the Council Services Division of the BSA National Council have developed the "Sweet Sixteen" of BSA safety procedures for physical activity. These 16 points, which embody good judgment and common sense, are applicable to all activities.

Youth Protection Guidelines Guide to Safe Scouting Sweet Sixteen Enterprise Risk Management

Tentative Schedule


Start End Event Location
6:00 pm 10:00 pm Check-in Office
6:00 pm 11:00 pm Colonneh Café opens Parking Lot
7:00 pm 9:00 pm Program events Activity Field
8:30 pm 9:00 pm Chapter/district meetings Chapter Campsites
9:00 pm 9:45 pm Evening Show Arena A
9:45 pm 10:30 pm Ice cream social Dining Hall
10:00 pm 12:00 pm Program events Activity Field
10:30 pm 11:00 pm FCE training meeting Dining Hall
12:00 pm   Lights-out  


7:00 am 8:00 am Breakfast Dining Hall
8:00 am 5:00 pm Check-in Office
8:30 am 1:00 pm First Class Emphasis (FCE) FCE Field
8:30 am 1:00 pm Trainings:
      Round 1: 8:30 am - 9:30 am
      Round 2: 9:40am - 10:40 am
      Round 3: 10:50 am - 11:50 am
      Round 4: 12:00 am - 1:00 pm
See Training Schedule
8:30 am 1:00 pm Service projects Around Camp
1:00 pm 2:00 pm Lunch Dining Hall
2:00 pm 3:30 pm Brotherhood Walk Breezeway
2:00 pm 6:00 pm Colonneh Café opens Activity Field
2:00 pm 6:00 pm Renaissance Festival  Activity Field
3:30 pm 4:30 pm Brotherhood Ceremony Arena B
6:30 pm 7:30 pm Dinner Dining Hall
7:30 pm 9:00 pm Chapter Palooza Activity Field
7:30 pm 9:00 pm American Indian Pow Wow FCE Field
9:00 pm 9:30 pm Evening Show Activity Field
9:30 pm 11:30 pm Cracker-barrel and movie Activity Field
9:30 pm 12:45 am Evening activities Activity Field
1:00 am   Lights-out  


8:00 am 9:00 am Breakfast Dining Hall
9:00 am 9:30 am Interfaith service Dining Hall
9:30 am 10:30 am Clean-up camp Around Camp
10:00 am 11:00 am Lodge Executive Committee Meeting Dining Hall
10:30 am   Participant departure Around Camp
11:00 am   Staff departure


Trainings will be offered in four rounds:

  • Round 1:  8:30 am - 9:30 am
  • Round 2:  9:40 am - 10:40 am
  • Round 3:  10:50 am - 11:50 am
  • Round 4:  12:00 am - 1:00 pm





Training Descriptions

Chapter Meeting 101 1, 3 Dining Hall A Everyone This class will show you how to have fun and productive chapter meetings that will increase attendance and participation.
Bridging the Connections 2, 3 Staff Pavilion Everyone This session will outline and explain what is new in 2019, including the introduction of ships and crews, as well as other changes to program and inductions.
What is my job? 1, 4 Dining Hall B Everyone Do you have questions about your position? An open forum where we will discuss what role you play in your chapter and the lodge.
Ceremony Workshop 2, 3 Campsite 1 Everyone This session will teach you how to use a bead loom, other types of beadwork, and other American Indian Activities and how to have an effective ceremony team.
Unit Election Training 2, 4 Dining Hall A Everyone This class will discuss the proper procedures to conduct unit elections, as well as answer any questions you might have.
Strake Update 3 Dining Hall B Everyone Discuss the current status of Camp Strake and projected opening date.
Chapter Adviser Roundtable 4 Staff Pavilion Chapter Advisers /
Asst. Chapter Advisers
Meeting of chapter and lodge advisers to answer any question you may have. General discussion, problem resolutions and food for thought.
Adult Roles in the Eyes of a Youth 1 Staff Pavilion Adults in the OA The Advisers within the lodge and chapter play a key role in how things are run, this class will show you how to be an effective adviser while working with the youth in the chapter.
Guide to the OA for Scoutmaster 2 Dining Hall B Scoutmasters /
Unit Leaders
A training dedicated to discussing the benefits of the Order of the Arrow for unit leaders and how adult leaders can stimulate Order of the Arrow participation in their units.

Arrival and Check-In


Travel to and from event is the responsibility of the guest. Personal vehicles are welcome at the event. Chapters may arrange travel with other members of your chapter. See oa.shac.org/chapters for chapter contact information.


Upon arrival, go directly to your campsite and park.  If you are pulling a trailer you must disconnect it from tow vehicle & park trailer in single space only (parking is limited so please be courteous!).  Please do NOT park in parking lot in front of office (map location D).

2019 Program Guide (schedule/map)   Campsite Assignments will be posted 4/23/20.


Check-In will be conducted from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Friday and from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday. Please do not arrive earlier or later than the times listed, as the staff will not be prepared.


Parking is available for all participants. The staff will direct participants to the proper parking area upon arrival.


All guests will receive a program with a map, schedule, and other important information at check-in. Guests will also receive a wristband. It is very important all guests keep both items at all times.

Documents and Fees

Please bring a copy of your BSA Annual Health and Medical Record, Parts A and B to check-in. They will not be returned. If your lodge dues are not current, you will be required to pay them in order to participate in the event. Remember – Wear the flap, pay your dues!

What to Bring

  • Copy of BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (they will be shredded after the event)
  • Field uniform
  • OA sash (for OA members)
  • Activity uniform(s)
  • Water bottle
  • Personal medications (must be listed on medical record)
If staying the weekend:
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Toiletries (e.g., soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant)
  • Swim trunks
  • Towel
  • Sleepwear
  • 2-3 pairs of socks
  • 2-3 pairs of underwear
  • Renaissance themed items
  • Spending money for trading post
  • Smartphone or other web-enabled devices
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Camp chair
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat


Safety Information 

If you hear 2 airhorn blast, go to dining hall immediately. In a life or death situation: Call 911 first, then the camp medic. If you need to leave camp: Check out at the camp office. Remember to drink plenty of water. 

Emergency Contacts 

Medic Needs: Tricia Chapela 832-454-9535 
Program Needs: James Kennedy 832-278-7688 

Late Breaking Information


For late-breaking news and announcements, like our lodge Facebook page.


Event Registration

Lodge Program Vice Chief and Adviser





Event Registration

Lodge Program Vice Chief and Adviser