OA Trail Crew

March 15–21, 2020

Location: TBD

OA Trail Crew is an opportunity for Arrowmen to provide service to the trails at TBD in preparation for summer camp. OA Trail Crew is modeled after the National High Adventure Base programs at Philmont and Northern Tier.  It is also an opportunity to learn how to do trail and conservation projects.

OA Trail Crew is open to all Arrowmen 14 years of age and older. Participants spend the day on the trail and the evenings in brotherhood and fellowship with fellow Arrowmen. Trail work makes Arrowmen hungry so there are great meals prepared to enjoy and get reenergized.  Arrowmen also get to spend time exploring the camp. The work and fellowship is a lot of fun; especially if you bring a fellow Arrowmen from your troop or chapter to enjoy the experience.

OA Trail Crew is held during spring break each year; but since school districts have different weeks we do it the weekend between most school districts spring breaks.

  • All meals provided including Friday night 7 – 9 pm
  • Bring a tent, gloves, work clothes and a Cheerful Spirit – See you at OA Trail Crew


The registration fee is $45 and includes meals and a special patch. The weekend fee is $30. The OA Trail Crew begins on Friday night. Check-in after 7:00 pm. The event ends on Tuesday morning at 11:00 am. If this is not your spring break week, join us for the weekend.

Registration opens in January.

What to Bring

  • Field uniform with sash
  • Work clothes and gloves (long sleeve shirts and pants)
  • Appropriate clothes for the weather
  • Water bottle
  • Sleeping mat and sleeping bags (might be spending one night on the trail)
  • Shower gear and toiletries
  • Rain gear
  • Flashlight
  • Pack to carry personal items to work site
  • BSA Annual Health and Medical Record

OA Trail Crew will provide:

  • Sleeping quarters
  • Plenty of food
  • Tools
OA Trail Crew patch


Event Registration Questions

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